Acknowledgments for helping to make my book possible

With grateful thanks to Ifeoma Anastecia Nzewi, whose unfailing love gave me the spiritual strength I needed to continue writing this story, which I also dedicate in loving memory to my uncle Vernon Lee Pierce, who in tragically passing away on February 11, 2014, could not join me in celebrating this personal landmark in my life. With grateful thanks, I would also like to thank the following supporters for their encouragement and support, financial and otherwise, without which this book would have been possible:

Rick Lorenz

Lorenzo Guerrero

The Family of Brian Lewis and Orlene Newman-Weir

The Family of Deborah Pierce

The Family of Rose Pierce

The Family of Michelle Giroir Agee

The Family of David G. Meier

The Family of William S. and Dana Elkins

The Family of Jeremy and Diana Clement

Appiah Montgomery