(Frequently Asked Questions)

About The Book Itself

What kind of a book is this?

This is a science-fiction, action-adventure, with a little mystery and thriller elements thrown in. There are also a few supernatural and fantasy elements in the story as well.

What do you count as some of your influences for this book?

Most readers will probably see some inspiration from pop-culture TV series such as Star Trek, Thundercats, and some of the Transformers cartoon series. Keep in mind, these are just some of my influences. I didn't lift any character names from any of my influences, and what I did borrow, I modified to suit the story. The story stands on its own very well as an original work.

Why are you distributing your book this way? Why not just submit it to a publisher and have it printed as a regular book?

There are a number of advantages for doing it this way: a) I'm able to get the story out to the readers much more quickly this way, b) I retain complete control over the book's content and distribution, c) I have very real concerns about the potential for a publisher to meddle with the storyline to increase sales, or target the market THEY want (the 18 year old to 34 year old market), instead of the market I WANT (which is everyone). Once the story is complete, I can then market as one work either in a digital medium, print medium, or both.

How “safe” is this book to read with regard to content? Any age limit? Anything I should worry about my children seeing?

I have made what I would call a “best effort” to keep the book “kid-friendly” while not totally alienating adult audiences. On the side, I'm also hoping to make a point to other entertainment producers that a content creator can successfully tell a compelling story without filling it with swear words, sexual content. There is some moderate violence in the book (it is a tale of good versus evil, after all), and those stories are difficult to share without physical, sometimes graphic conflict. In all fairness, the violence is probably going to milder than most of the so-called “kid-friendly,” “PG-13” movies out there. So other than some graphic violence (which I also try to keep reasonable), I tried hard to keep out the swear words as much as possible, and the sexual situations don't get racier than kisses.

What happens after you publish the last chapter, Chapter 12?

First of all, I'm hoping to take a well-deserved break! I'm going to be creating some additional content to incorporate into the book. Mainly better illustrations and more content, as well as better descriptions of some of the main characters.

Once the book is complete, this is where it gets interesting. I will be aiming to sell the completed book for $9.99.

What if I lose a copy, or if it becomes damaged or corrupted? Will I have to buy a new chapter?

If it's Chapter 1 that was damaged, lost or corrupted, you may download a free replacement from the website.

If it's the paid version of the book, I handle those issues on a case by case basis.

Please note that I am able to check your purchase history from my website to verify purchases.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.