Copyright FAQ's

Guidelines for respecting my copyright

If you wish to direct a prospective reader on where to acquire a free or paid copy of my story, please direct that person to the Xybears website for ALL copies of the all chapters of the story. Although there are no physical restrictions to copying Adobe Acrobat PDFs, making a physical copy of ANY version other than the free sample without my written consent is a violation of my copyright and U.S. Copyright law, and is considered PIRACY. Put simply, it's THEFT. Please don't pirate copyrighted works. It damages the legitimacy of the paid work, and it causes direct, economic harm to the content creator (in this case, ME) by depriving content creators of rightful revenues they are entitled to for their labor of creating the original work. I would never 'help myself' to YOUR money without your knowledge and consent. Please reciprocate the respect. Thank you.

However, in the interest of flexibility, sharing the FREE sample copy is permitted ONLY under the following conditions:

The below text applies to everyone:

The full paid version is not be redistributed at all except through authorized channels, and as of this writing, only this website,, Itunes, Google Books, and Amazon are authorized! As long as you received these chapters through authorized means You may make and print ONE copy per purchased copy of these chapters for your personal use alone! If you BOUGHT ONE copy you have a LICENSE for ONE copy. Please direct all other interested readers to the Xybears website to purchase their own copies of these chapters.

I state here for the record that Xybears is my own intellectual property or IP, and I reserve all rights to it. I do not recognize derivative stories, modifications, parodies, or fan-fiction versions as either authentic or canon. I am the sole authorized producer of Xybears stories and related properties or merchandise. I honor only what is permitted under United States and international copyright laws.

For all of you who are not in the legal profession, or if you have trouble understanding 'legalese' as I do, I have provided links for the “plain English” version at Wikipedia and Wikinfo as well.

Wikipedia version of Title 17 of the United States Copyright Law

Wikinfo version of Title 17 of the United States Copyright Law