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This is the update link to allow owners of the full version of the unformatted book to update to completed, final formatted version when available. Please do not access this link if you do not own a full copy of the book, as you will be required to provide a password accessible ONLY from the full version of the book.

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The final preproduction version of Xybears is HERE!! To celebrate, I am offering a 2 for 1 sale for $3.99 until the formatting and processing is complete! Once it's finished formatting, it will be sent to Apple iBooks, Amazon, and Kindle for $5.99. This is going to be the best deal possible, as I have included an update link in this version that will allow you to update to the final press version at NO CHARGE to you! You are getting TWO e-books for just $3.99. For now, the full version goes for $3.99, and once it goes to publication, I will only be selling the final version for $5.99! Don't miss out!

These are chapters produced in portable-device-friendly, non-copy-protected PDF format! No DRM! No heavyhanded proprietary formats. Requires only Adobe Acrobat Reader compatibility. This author supports your freedom to read on the device and environment of your choice, not the publishers! All I ask is that you honor my copyright. Thank you!

Special Limited Edition Double-Chapter sample offered at no charge! To download this special version, right-click on the cover thumbnail and select "Save Link As..."

Please note that the book is a complete but unformatted work in progress.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Buyers of the full version of the book are permitted ONE name placement in the Acknowledgements PER PURCHASED COPY. If you wish additional name placements, in fairness to other customers who only placed one name placement per purchased copy, please purchase additional copies if you desire additional personal or business name placements in the Acknowledgements section in the book. No more name placements will be taken after April 4, 2014 1201 AM USA Central Standard time as the book will have gone to the publisher, and there will be no way to add new placements after the fact. Thank you for your understanding.